It all began 10 years ago when Ezra Mae, a songstress with a mind of her own, met The Gypsy Moon, a bag-carrying whirl of mystic energy. These souls came together and the rest is history. Along the journey they’ve picked up hitch-hikers and friends, music-makers disguised as men. As they vibe, their core mission is the creation of a new wave of soulful psychedelic rock.

Ezra Mae and The Gypsy Moon started seducing audiences with their sultry rhythmic sounds in basements of houses in Washington, D.C. in early 2013, entrancing audiences with their smoky-style and sweet yet soulful energy. Their music is a mixture of good ol’ rock ‘n roll, with a touch of rhythm and blues to keep you in the mood, as they coast across into surf-style grooves, some garage to keep it raw, and a peek-a-boo of psychedelic undertones to move your bones.

On stage is where you want to see them, flaunting a mod-vintage, bohemian, floral explosion. They exude an energy that will get you on your feet, grooving next to someone you’ve wanted to meet. In 2014-15, the band completed a residency at The Pinch is D.C., playing in and curating shows for over a year. They’ve performed at DC9, Velvet Lounge, and In It Together Fest, to name a few.

When you see them together, you’ll surely feel the cosmic connection they share. And this summer, their first 6-track EP, Valleys In The Dust, will be crashing down for your listening pleasure.


Written by Laylaa Randera